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Dental Crowns in Quincy, MA

Cracked a tooth on ice or a stray nutshell? Been hit in the face while playing sports or roughhousing with the kids? Our Quincy, MA, dentist Dr. Frederick Nafash sees it every day—dental injuries and accidents caused by hard foods, injury, and decay. Luckily, we also know exactly how to treat the problem. A broken or damaged tooth requires immediate care from our dental team, so don’t put off the dental care you know you need.

When you think of restorative dentistry, you may first picture a dental crown. After all, it is one of the most commonly placed and most versatile dental restorations. There are many reasons why our Quincy, MA, dental team may recommend a dental crown. In most cases where there is a damaged, weaken, or broken tooth, a crown can restore strength, durability, and full function back into the tooth. A weak or damaged tooth will continue to weaken more over time, but a crown will reinforce it and also preserve what’s left of the tooth.

If you need to undergo root canal therapy, we may also place a crown over the tooth to prevent re-infection. Along with the restorative benefits of getting a dental crown, there are also cosmetic benefits, too. Our crowns are made from tooth-colored materials such as porcelain that mimic the look of real tooth enamel, so they fit right in with your smile. This means that a crown can also improve the shape, size, and color of a tooth, so if you are dealing with a malformed or severely discolored tooth, a crown can also restore it to a healthy, natural appearance.

To get a dental crown, we will need to first take impressions of your mouth. These impressions ensure that the dental lab creates a perfectly fitted crown. After all, everyone’s teeth are different sizes and shapes, so crowns cannot be one-size-fits-all. Every crown that you receive from our dental team has been specially crafted for your smile and your smile alone. With the proper care, the porcelain crowns we place can last up to 15 years or more.

If you are dealing with a cracked or damaged tooth, you must see us right away for care. The sooner you turn to us the better.
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